Product specific terms & conditions

The Product Specific Terms govern your use of our Services. We introduce new products regularly. If a product is not specified in these Product Specific Terms, we provide that product on the basis of the General Terms and Conditions.

Basic Job vacancy 
Basic placement is based on one (1) vacancy on one (1) flyer. If you want to combine more than one (1) job vacancy on a flyer, we charge per each vacancy. For example, on one (1) flyer you have three (3) open positions (vacancies) it will be 3x the basic price. This applies also for the job vacancy placement with the Good, Better and Best packages (see packages). The job vacancy format should be JPG or PNG. It is NOT possible to share PDF files. NOTE: Job vacancies and proof of payment have to be uploaded in the fields indicated at checkout or in your portal.

Video job vacancies
The video vacancy has to be sent to us by email in high quality resolution to [email protected]

Placement of job vacancy
Your job vacancy will be placed on both our timeline and story for both Facebook & Instagram. For us to be able to place your job vacancy successfully on both Facebook (story) and Instagram (story), please ensure you use a flyer (jpg or png file). 
The ideal sizes for the flyer are 1080x1280 (Facebook), 1080x1920 (Facebook or Instagram Story), 1080x1080 Instagram. 
Please keep in mind that if a job vacancy size does not comply with the social media standards, the placement on one or more platforms is not guaranteed. 

(Website) Job Link: Please take note that if you wish to mention a (website) link on your job vacancy flyer or incorporate a link in the text that accompanies your job vacancy, it has to be an ‘open-end’ link that is used only for the job application you are purchasing. This means that the link does not go to any other job vacancies/ or information (on your website). If you wish to incorporate a link to your website that has (more) job vacancies listed, we charge per each job vacancy listed on your website. 

ALL job vacancies MUST mention the name of the company/organization hiring. Mentioning any external entities or partnerships in relation to the job opening or on the job vacancy flyer is not permitted.

Packages Good, Better & Best
We do not charge per flyer; we charge per job vacancy. If your flyer has, for example, five (5) job vacancies, then we suggest you buy the 'Best' package. If your flyer has two (2) job vacancies, you can buy one of the three packages depending on the reach you want to have for your job vacancy. Please note that the packages have a maximum amount. This means that if you do not reach the maximum amount, there is no possibility to keep one (1) or more vacancies for later posting (as a kind of credit). All job vacancies must be delivered at once and will be posted at once.

NOTE: Job fairs, Promotions (of specific products), Events or General advertisement are all advertisement to our terms &conditions and cannot be placed as a job vacancy.

At the checkout section, you can find the payment methods available. After you have paid, please load the proof of payment and the vacancy/vacancies in the indicated section at checkout. If you have closed the browser, you can go back by signing in your portal and click on the quotation (or invoice). 
Y​our job vacancy will be reviewed and if it complies with our terms & conditions, we will proceed with the placement of your job vacancy/ vacancies on our platforms within 1-2 business days. ​Job vacancies that are NOT uploaded within 5 days after payment is received by Kòrsou TIN Trabou, will be considered annulled. There is NO refund possible.

Our prices are incl OB. The OB will be visible on your invoice. 

General terms & conditions

You need to create an account to use our Services and must keep your information up to date. In creating an account, you are agreeing to our terms and confirming that you are authorized to do so. Any affiliates of yours, such as a parent company or subsidiary, must create their account unless you give them access, in which case you are responsible for their actions. Please note that the company name you provide will be the name that appears on the invoice.


Your Account

1.1 Account Creation.
You will be asked to create an account in order to use the Services. In order to create an account to use the Services, you must (a) be legally able to represent the company or business contracting our Services; and (b) review and accept this Agreement on its behalf.

To create an account, you will be asked to provide registration information including your email address and/or phone number and create a password. You agree to (a) provide true, current, and complete information when creating an account; and (b) keep that information true, current, and complete during your use of the Services.

1.2 Affiliate Accounts.
If any of your Affiliates want to use the Services, (a) each Affiliate must accept these Terms individually and create their own account, which may require a separate account; or (b) you may allow your Affiliates to use the Services without entering into a separate account by providing such Affiliate(s) a login ID, password and use the Services. If you provide Affiliate(s) with access to your account, this Agreement applies to each Affiliate, and you are directly and primarily responsible for all access to and use of the Services by your Affiliates. In such case, references in these Terms to "you" includes a reference to your relevant Affiliates and any users of your account, login ID, password from time to time.


Fees and Payment Terms

2.1 Price Quotations.
Unless explicitly specified otherwise in the price quotation or by Kòrsou TIN Trabou in writing, all price quotations are non-binding and may be adjusted at any time, particularly if other or additional information is provided.

2.2 Fees and Billing Information.
You agree to pay all fees which may be updated from time to time. Where we list or agree the Services Fees in a quotation/sales order or invoice, we reserve the right to update fees from time to time. In the event of any Services Fee updates, we will take commercially reasonable steps to notify you of such changes taking effect which may be satisfied by notifying you via an in-application notice on the Site or otherwise.

You will provide complete and accurate billing and contact information and notify us of any changes to such information.

3. Add-ons.
We offer additions to enhance your use of the Services. Some additions may generate additional fees, which will be billed to your account. If you add on a feature or service that has an additional fee, you will be billed that additional amount.


You agree to pay all applicable taxes as a result of your use of the Services. Taxes will be shown separately to help you identify taxes owed.

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