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"Joining the Kòrsou TIN Trabou community means more than just finding a job or the perfect candidate. It means becoming part of a supportive platform that understands the challenges of employment. You'll be connected to a network that values your success, offering valuable resources, practical tips, information on labor laws, and so much more".

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With over 58,000 Facebook followers, our community is the largest job platform in Curaçao and the Dutch Caribbean.

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Our community also extends to Instagram, where we have a strong following of over 2000. For those who prefer Instagram, we make sure to cater to their needs as well.

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Besides our Facebook and IG account we also have a WhatsApp database (4000+) and a WhatsApp channel (1000+). Follow our channel today to stay connected.

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In 2023 we have spread our wings and launched Aruba TIN Trabou and Boneiru TIN Trabou on Facebook. 

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